The globally operating Geberit Group is a European leader in the field of sanitary products. Geberit operates as an integrated group with a very strong local presence in most European countries, providing unique added value when it comes to sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics.
Geberit 109.304.00.5 Concealed Dual-Flush Tank For Floor-Mounted Toilets
Before: $381.00
Now: $255.27
Geberit 111.335.00.5 Duofix Carrier For 2" x 6" Construction
Before: $519.00
Now: $347.73
Geberit 111.625.00.1 Duofix Carrier Frame for Wall-Hung Urinals
Before: $557.00
Now: $373.19
Geberit 111.798.00.1 - Duofix Carrier For 2" x 4" Construction
Before: $646.00
Now: $432.82
Geberit 115.770.11.5 Sigma01 Dual-Flush Actuator Alpine White
Geberit 115.770.21.5 Sigma01 Dual-Flush Actuator Polished Chrome
Geberit 115.770.46.5 Sigma01 Dual-Flush Actuator Matte Chrome
Geberit 151.504.00.1 TurnControl BWO Rough-In Kit
Geberit 151.506.00.1 TurnControl BWO Rough-In Kit
Geberit 151.550.11.1 Turn Control BWO Alpine White Trim Kit
Geberit 151.551.21.1 Turn Control BWO Polished Chrome Trim Kit
Geberit 151.551.HM.1 Turn Control BWO Oil Rubbed Bronze Trim Kit
Geberit 151.551.IB.1 Turn Control BWO Polished Nickel Trim Kit
Geberit 151.551.ID.1 Turn Control BWO Brushed Nickel Trim Kit
Geberit 152.404.11.1 Bowl Installation Kit, Connector set with mounting hardware, White Cover Caps
Geberit 152.404.46.1 Connector set with Mounting Hardware
Geberit 152.424.00.1 Seal for Toilet Outlet Connector
Geberit Flush Valve For 110.816
Geberit 240.752.11.1 Bowl Installation Kit, Connector set with mounting hardware, white cover caps
Geberit 240.851.00.1 Drop Ear Elbow, Copper
Geberit 240.853.00.1 Supply Angle Stop (Black Handle)
Geberit 240.921.00.1 Connection Hose For Sigma Concealed Tank, 3/8?
Geberit 241.469.00.1 Filling Valve Type 380 For Sigma, Omega And Kappa Concealed Tanks
Geberit 241.470.00.1 Unifill Valve With Refill
Geberit 241.820.21.1 Flushing Valve Type 280 Actuator Button, Single-flush
Geberit 816.418.00.1 Flush Valve Gasket, inside measurement = 31mm, outside measurement = 64mm
Geberit 152.438.46.1 HDPE connector set for extended installation and mounting hardware (bowl installation kit), with socket for 3.54" (90 Mm) push fit piping and 55 supply inlet matte chrome cover caps.
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